Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Review

Super Mystery Dunegon

Pokemon is a near never ending franchise these days. There are Pokemon fighting games, puzzle games, and tactics games, but there’s one Pokemon license that holds a special place in my heart; the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. Continue reading “Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Review”


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Review

Toad Cover

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is the realization of a 3D platformer in which you cannot jump, becoming an awesome puzzle game. The concept of Captain Toad first appeared in Super Mario 3D World, featured as a small mini-game. Treasure Tracker takes the formula and builds it into an entire game with over 60 different levels. In this Mario spin-off, you play the intrepid Captain Toad, who, due to his large backpack, is unable to jump like the his other Toad counterparts. However, this does not stop the adventurer from exploring for coins and treasures.

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Kirby: Triple Deluxe Review


Some things never change and that’s not always a bad thing. In the case of Kirby: Triple Deluxe for the 3DS, the developers, HAL Laboratory, decide not to change the Kirby formula up too much. The general Kirby concept stays the same in the 13th iteration of this Nintendo classic. In this version, the centerpiece of it all is the new Hypernova, a new ability that allows Kirby to swallow up multiple enemies at once and move parts of the stage to solve puzzles. Continue reading “Kirby: Triple Deluxe Review”