Huniecam Studio Set to be Released by March

Nothing Weird.jpg

After roaring success with HuniePop, developer, Hunie Pot put their newest creation on Steam Greenlight, Huniecam Studio. Using both old and new characters, the player would manage numerous ‘cam-girls’ who perform lewd acts for an audience. After they were greenlight, development began for this new game in the series.

Today, HuniePot’s official Twitter (@HuniePotDev) said, “HunieCam should be out before the end of March. We’re breaking some ass to try and get it out in Feb. We’ll see.”

Although the last trailer that was shown was in a very pre-alpha state, you can still view it below. Though, I’d recommend not checking that out in public. Also, if you’re interested in looking at some of the ‘cam-girls’ in HunieCam for, you know, research purposes, you can go to, though again, probably not in public.


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