What I Played Last Week (Dec. 27th – Jan. 2nd)

Folklore.pngPost Christmas meant I had a few games on my list to play. My backlog has reached a near endless status with so many games I still have play. In case you didn’t check, I’m gonna be trying to play 52 games in 52 weeks, so I’ll have to play quite a few titles in order to meet those requirements. This first week of the year, I played a lot of games I’ve been meaning to play for a long time.

For Christmas, I got Pokemon: Super Mystery Dungeon as a gift, and I’ve been putting a lot of hours into that. For reference, I skipped Gates to Infinity because I didn’t truthfully care for it, but I loved Red Rescue Team and Explorers of Sky. If I had to rank how I like this one, Super Mystery Dungeon is better than Gates to Infinity, but not as good as Red Rescue Super Mytery Dungeon Gameplay.pngTeam and nowhere near Explorers of Sky, at least after quite a few hours of play. Mechanically it’s all there, but doesn’t differentiate from the older games all that much. Unfortunately, the story is pretty uninteresting, so I don’t feel a strong reason to play Super Mystery Dungeon rather than Explorers of Sky. The best I can describe it is by saying you spend more than half of the game in the beginning of the game. I might write this week’s review on it, or I may save it for a more long form project. Or I will do both. We’ll see.

Second off, I checked my mental backlog and remembered there was one game that I had always wanted to beat, but never got around to it; Folklore. It’s kind of niche PS3 exclusive game that didn’t sell all that well, but it holds a special place in my heart. But I must’ve loaned it to a friend who didn’t return it, cause I had to order another copy. Still, I enjoyed playing it thoroughly, and I will definitely review it next week or the following. In summary, it’s awesome and one of the most visually interesting games I’ve ever played.

MGS3 Vita Snake.png

I also got some iTunes cards for Christmas, so I decided to find a good mobile game, and Metacritic told me World of Goo was that game. It’s a simple puzzle game and I’ve really been enjoying playing it to pass time. I also got the MGS2/3 collection for the Vita and I’ve been playing World o Good.jpgSnake Eater quite a bit. It really holds up well on the Vita, but I’d still like to see how Sons of Liberty looks. I won’t be reviewing any MGS or World of Goo, since I don’t think there’s much more to be said about them.

I hope next week I’ll be able to say I beat at least one of the four of those games  I mentioned, but you can expect a review of Super Mystery Dungeon this week and a review of Folklore next week, or the following. And as always, check back next week to see what I play next.



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