Five Titles Nintendo’s NX Needs At Launch

For the past couple of console debuts, the launch line-ups have been mediocre at best. The 3DS, Wii U, PS4 Xbox One, and Vita have all had very poor list of games at launch. Perhaps the Playstation 4 and Xbox One don’t need strong games at launch, but Nintendo’s next console does. After the failure of the Wii U, which was at least partially related to the poor number of titles available at the time, Nintendo’s NX needs some very strong titles to sell people on the console, regardless of the mechanics within the console.
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The Game Awards Nominees and My Take On Them

I know, I know; “who cares about Awards for Video Games? They’re super meaningless and ultra biased.” That sentiment may be true, but I still, for some reason, really care about Geoff Keighly’s Game Awawrds, so here’s a whole piece of me whining and bitching about the nominations, as though this was the end all be all of life itself.

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What I Played Last Weeks (November 1st – 14th)

Fallout 4

I decided I would put these last two weeks together, since I didn’t do enough in either to really warrant a large post. Last week, I only played one game, and this week, there was a pretty big game that came out. So, let’s dive right in to my past two weeks.
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Cloud Coming to Super Smash Bros.

Coloud in Smash

After years of this character being the butt of every ‘who to add to Smash’ joke, one of the most requested characters of all time is finally added to Super Smash Bros. In the latest Nintendo Direct, we got to see the trailer for Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud as a new playable character in Smash Bros.

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What I Played Last Week (October 25th – 31st)

P4GThis week will be a shorter week because I only played one game, Persona 4. It was pretty busy week for me, I put out quite a bit of content on this website, Hooked Gamers, and R & N Play, so check all those out for some more opinions from me.

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