Kojima Expected to Leave Konami

Phatom Pain

Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear franchise and executive at Konami will be leaving the company after many years .Konami removed Kojima from the list of directors in an official announcement, on March 4th; effective April 1st, when the Japanese business year ends. Konami told the world that Kojima Productions will no longer be Kojima Productions, as well as Kojima LA, which is now Konami LA. Continue reading “Kojima Expected to Leave Konami”


Unreal Engine 4 and Source 2 Engine Are Free To Use

SteamWord came this week that two video game engines will become free to use. Firstly, the Unreal 4 Engine was announced that it will be free to use, with a percent of profits. Then, Valve showed of the Source 2 Engine at the Game Developers Conference and told us that using the new engine would be free, barring royalty costs. Continue reading “Unreal Engine 4 and Source 2 Engine Are Free To Use”

EA Shuts Down Maxis


Yesterday, on March 4th 2015, it was announced that EA will be shutting down Maxis Studio. Maxis, known for the Sims, SimCity, Spore, and other simulation games, recently developed the poorly received SimCity (2013) and Sims 4. Both of their latest titles were hit hard by fans for a lack of content. Continue reading “EA Shuts Down Maxis”

Kojima Says The Phantom Pain Will Be Last Metal Gear Solid

Phantomp PainEarlier this week, Hideo Kojima had a video interview with IGN.com on the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Kojima told IGN that this was going to be the last Metal Gear Solid game. Continue reading “Kojima Says The Phantom Pain Will Be Last Metal Gear Solid”