Darkest Dungeon: Early Access Thoughts

Darkest Dunegon Cover

In a sea of early access schlock and Kickstarter failures, Darkest Dungeon stand as a beacon of promise. Despite being promising, however, the game guarantees nothing. Kickstarter games always bring a fear of an incomplete game. Sometimes the game may not be completed with the content that was promised, while other times the team may have underestimated the funding that the game would require. Early access games on Steam bring even more worry. The creators may abandon the game, taking the money and leaving the game broken, in early access. Anyway you look at it, you could be walking into a disappointment. Darkest Dungeon uses both Kickstarter and Early Access. Continue reading “Darkest Dungeon: Early Access Thoughts”


Sony Online Entertainment Sold; Renamed Daybreak Game Company

Sony announced today that Sony Online Entertainment has been sold to private investment firm Columbus Nova. With the acquisition, Columbus Nova has changed the name┬áSony Online Entertainment to Daybreak Game Company. Known for online games such as┬áPlanetside and the EverQuest series, SOE was working on a Free-to-Play, sandbox, Zombie-survival game called H1Z1. Continue reading “Sony Online Entertainment Sold; Renamed Daybreak Game Company”

New Details Revealed For Xenoblade Chronicles X


Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu recently published an issue featuring 10 pages on Xenoblade Chronicles X. The magazine, according to translators, showed many new details on the upcoming RPG for Wii U, including the ability to customize the player character. Players can choose skin color, hairstyle, eye color, and more. Players can also choose the voice for the player avatar from many different voice actors that will be announced later. Continue reading “New Details Revealed For Xenoblade Chronicles X”