Nintendo Announces More 8-Player Stages in Smash Wii U

 Mario Galaxy

Today, on Nintendo’s Facebook, it was revealed that more 8-player stages would be available. These stages will automatically be added with the most recent patch, which you can download now. Although, Nintendo announced 15 new stages for 8-player Smash, they’re all old stages, now able to be played with 8 players. There are 9 regular stages and 6 Omega stages now playable. Continue reading “Nintendo Announces More 8-Player Stages in Smash Wii U”


EA Earning Call says Dragon Age: Inquisition is the Most Successful Bioware Launch Ever.


The Electronic Arts 2015, third quarter, earnings call reported that the most recent BioWare game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, is the most successful game launch in the history of BioWare. Continue reading “EA Earning Call says Dragon Age: Inquisition is the Most Successful Bioware Launch Ever.”

Dying Light Releases Tomorrow

Guy Shooting Zombies

The highly anticipated zombie-survival, free-running game developed by Techland releases in North America tomorrow. Techland took inspiration from Mirror’s Edge and experience from their Dead Island series to make a game that combines the two into a thrilling experience. The launch trailer was put on the official Dying Light YouTube page today, showing off the games intense parkour and free-running aspects, and hinting at the story. Continue reading “Dying Light Releases Tomorrow”

Pokken Tournament Video Shows Three New Fighters

Lucario Machamo Stand Off

The Pokemon fighting game that is being developed by Namco Bandai has recenly shown some new details about the game. Three new Pokemon have been shown: Pikachu, Gardevoir, and Suicune, alongside the already revealed Machamp and Lucario. Continue reading “Pokken Tournament Video Shows Three New Fighters”

Bethesda Drops Subscriptions for Elder Scrolls Online


Not particularly shocking news reached the gaming world today as Bethesda Softworks has announced an end to paid subscriptions of The Elder Scrolls Online as of March 2015. The MMO is not becoming fully free-to-play, however the monthly payments are no longer a factor; once you buy the game, it’s yours forever. Once the subscriptions are gone in March 2015, the game will be known as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Continue reading “Bethesda Drops Subscriptions for Elder Scrolls Online”

Nintendo to End Club Nintendo, New Rewards System to Follow

Club Nintendo

Nintendo has announced that they are officially ending the Club Nintendo rewards system and replacing it with a new system that is to be announced at a later date. Continue reading “Nintendo to End Club Nintendo, New Rewards System to Follow”

Telltale President Becomes CEO

According to gaming new website GameIndustry.Biz, Co-founder and former president of Telltale Games, Kevin Bruner has now become the CEO of the games company, known for the The Walking Dead games and The Wolf Among Us. Former CEO and co-founder Dan Connors will still be around in the company, in an executive advisory role. Continue reading “Telltale President Becomes CEO”